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Union Made T Shirts – Promoting Fair Trade Principles

Shoppers are typically unaware of the origin of the clothes they buy. They go to the store, see something they like and purchase it. If they knew the manufacturing abuses behind many garments they may change their minds about shopping for these items. For example, some conscientious shoppers are now looking for clothing produced under the Fair Trade label.

With Fair Trade, the items that you are shopping for are made by workers that are treated fairly. They are paid a higher wage, have the option to unionize, and have better benefits than non-Fair Trade workers. Employees who are inside the Fair Trade system typically start at an economic disadvantage, so purchasing these items will help support them and their families.

However the availability of Fair Trade clothing is limited because there is lack of standardization and transparency in manufacturing. The best alternative is to look for Union Made labels, because these products are manufactured under the same basic principles that define Fair Trade. The main difference is that Union Made clothing is typically manufactured locally. Rather than only support workers in developing countries, this supports workers who are at an economic disadvantage in the USA and other places where legitimate unions are in place.

Union Made clothing manufacturing ensures workers are paid a fair and living wage. Unions promote non-discriminatory hiring practices and aim to provide equal opportunity regardless of age, gender, race or religion. Working conditions are monitored to ensure they comply with health and safety regulations. Furthermore, purchasing USA Union Made clothing reduces shipping distances and expands the use of locally produced organic and recycled materials. Union Made is thus fair trade and eco-friendly!

It’s tough today to make certain the garments you are buying are made without the use of labor practices which might be unfair to others. In society today, emphasis is often on wearing name brand clothing. But if the labels you like are made under unethical conditions, is wearing that brand really worth it? Do some investigation about the brands you like to see if they have poor labor conditions. If you want to be confident that the clothes you have are not produced in sweatshops by exploited workers, then consider buying Union Made clothing.